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Help for Tinnitus

at  Holistic Health Counseling Center

Dr. Marion Rollings, PhD CG BC-TMH

Licensed Psychologist #4686

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) & Coaching

There is HOPE and Help Available

I am a member in good standing of:

the American Tinnitus Association
the British Tinnitus Association,
American Psychological Association
and I am 
Board Certified in Telehealth
Certified in Insomnia Treatment



I am a licensed psychologist in New Jersey, providing Tinnitus psychotherapy treatment in NJ and Tinntius Coaching internationally. I have Tinnitus myself so I know personally and professionally what works to help you manage your tinnitus and get back to full enjoyment of your life. You can feel better! If I can, so can you.

I have had tinnitus for over 20 years and prior to my diagnosis, I thought that buzzing was what silence sounded like.  I thought everyone heard buzzing and whistles. I became aware that I had tinnitus one holiday weekend during a family dinner when I heard a  new loud noise and asked my family where they thought the sound was coming from. To my surprise, no one else heard it. After a visit to the ENT and diagnosis of tinnitus, I began learning more about how to help myself as well as my patients. 


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